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We are happy that you stopped by today. The business analysis industry is growing, as is the demand for innovative software that can be used by business analysts in their everyday work to achieve greater success with their requirements management process.

With 14 years of experience in the business analysis industry, coupled with close to 20 years of software development experience, the SmoothRaaCS™ software for business analysts is the brainchild of founder and CEO Sean Christopher.

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Our site features a number of blogs and service offerings, including education and training courses found on our learning pages. Peruse the offerings today.

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Our philosophy


Innovation, implementation and inspiration are our business drivers. Providing high quality software, education and training for the business analysis industry is our passion.

Our approach here to things in business as in life is to not only continue to leverage the competencies, techniques and core methods of the business analysis body of knowledge but also to better the experience and outcomes of sharing of knowledge grown from our extensive experience in the field in order to transfer that knowledge into software.

We also want to continue to promote and use better ways to harness the collective collaboration among us all so we all can grow personally and professionally, at home and at work.

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