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We are happy that you stopped by today. The business analysis industry is growing, as is the demand for advanced knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of business intelligence and strategy analysis. Earn 15 PDUs/CDUs by taking one of our 2-day courses as endorsed by the IIBA. Check our the course catalog here.

The approach to business analysis at its core is to use the fundamental tools, methods and techniques as promoted by industry leaders such as the IIBA and local IIBA chapters around the world on any project, regardless of size or complexity.

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Innovation, implementation and inspiration are our business drivers. Providing high quality education and training for the business analysis industry is our passion.

Our approach here to things in business as in life is to not only continue to leverage the competencies, techniques and core methods of the business analysis body of knowledge but also to better the experience and outcomes of sharing of knowledge grown from our extensive experience in the field.

We also want to continue to promote and use better ways to harness the collective collaboration among us all so we all can grow personally and professionally, at home and at work.