I am a wine lover.  I enjoy having a glass or two during the week.  On weekends, I explore deeper the many types of wine from different regions.  Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, or the United States. You name the country (of which I include just a few above) and I have most likely sampled a wide range of wines from many price ranges.  Maybe you have too and I would like to hear from you about what experiences you have had with wines.

I believe that technology has helped the wine connoisseur explore and acquire knowledge about many wine options from not only well-known grape growing regions but also from hidden gems to which we otherwise would not be privy.  I often refer to technology as my education facilitator.  While I aspire to visit many of the wine regions in person, I am happy to have social media to help me learn about new and existing wine options.

Technology, through avenues like social media has certainly expanded the reach of wine producers from perhaps a local or regional focus to a level where international exposure is attainable, perhaps even beyond the existing expectations of many producers.  In addition, technology has also provided a means for wine lovers to understand the history of wine brands, including grape varietals, personal histories of the growers, their families and the terroir upon which their livelihood depends, to name just a few of the many insights in which an inquisitive connoisseur might be interested.

Technology is also playing a bigger role, I believe in the business management processes of wine growers, vintners and wine makers.  I forecast that this role will only grow.  Management tools that help each wine business with barrel management, cellar management, vineyard management, inventory management, purchasing, and order management are just a few of the functional business areas in which wine producers may require help.

Individual wine connoisseurs may also leverage the functional features from a management tool to help with their personal cellar stock.  The level of management is smaller but a personal connoisseur can leverage the same benefits as a larger wine producer, contributing to the fun of a managing a personal wine investment system.

While wine involves the process of turning grape juice into alcohol through fermentation, the entire business process is not that simple.  Wine is a business.  Wine is a personal pleasure.  Wine is a social activity.  Like many social and business activities, technology can play a role in helping manage the business and personal stake we all have in wine.

Sean D. Christopher

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