Today is my birthday.

All of the kind and best wishes that came in from friends has been very nice.  I am blessed to have great friends, family and co-workers.  Today I turn 49.  I was very appreciative of everyone taking the time and reaching out to me.  The gestures made me feel good.

And it got me to thinking.

How does business take care of their customers?  Is it through how it treats it own employees?  What are the things that are said and done that motivate staff to perform the work that they do?  What is it that makes customers select one vendor from another over and over again?

Whole books can be written about the subject.  But in a nutshell, the things that create this positive environment are very simple.  Lead your staff and they will become leaders.  Manage them like product inventory and they will leave.  Create innovative work environments where ideas are generated and business eco-cultures act as incubators for the next great product or service offering.  Let staff be flexible in their work.  Make the work environment a spark for innovation, creativity and performance.

Often this type of nurturing at the work place leads to better customer service and with that comes return customers, or new customers for that matter.  Treat your employees right, honestly and with their welfare coming first, and you often see a culture where great efforts are put forth not only within a business culture but ones that transcends through to the customer.





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