In my experience as a software developer, database administrator and business intelligence professional, I have basically one simple proposition about how solutions should be built, and it is this: if the foundation of your custom-built software is not driven by the needs of business, the success rate drops significantly.

It is time for a revolution in how custom-built software is developed for special business purposes.  Listen to your stakeholders.  Try to think in terms of what they need.  Put models and concepts in terms that the business will understand, because if your business won’t understand it, they most likely won’t use the product or have any idea what you are proposing and will have difficulty in using the product or service.

Refrain from imposing your “insights” into what the client needs.  Stop regurgitating industry-speak and really listen to what your stakeholder have to say.

Your listening skills could go a long way in putting forth a solution that is not just ideal, but worthy of your stakeholders.

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