Workshops are fun.  They give me an opportunity to teach to amazing groups of people.  As they learn from me, I learn from them too.  It is a win-win situation.

Workshops are a great mechanism to promote the collective sharing of information.  When everybody contributes to the discussion, it enriches the learning environment and contributes to our professional growth.  We get the opportunity to see unique perspectives through the eyes of our peers.  As business analysts, this objectivity is key to our success in the elicitation of requirements from a wide spectrum of stakeholders, from executives to middle management to operational staff.

Workshops are my preferred medium for obtaining new facts, learning new topics and validating subject matter. I really get satisfaction when students acknowledge their understanding of topics delivered in the classroom through affirmation of the material.  This is important.  I would rather spend time on a topic of importance to students and ensure the material is understood than rush through a series of topics with little time spent on the affirmation and acknowledgement that the material has sunk in and makes sense.

What is your approach to workshop management and success?  I would enjoy hearing from you using the comment section below.





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