Responding to feedback in some of the LinkedIn groups about having more discussions about case studies, I have developed a case study that uses South African Airways (SAA) as the study source with the intent to generate some interaction, Q and A and discussions amongst business analysis peers.

The purpose of the session is to take some of the business analysis body of knowledge found in chapter six of the IIBA BABOK, Strategy Analysis. Specifically, the session will focus on the tasks of analyzing current and future state, risk and change strategy using publicly available corporate information found on the SAA website.  At the conclusion, all participants insights will formulate an session output document that will be shared with participants later.

I have scheduled the session for 3 hours starting at 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, June 22.  The goal of the session is for all of us to gain further insights into applying strategic analysis tasks to real world information. While efforts are constrained to information found on the SAA website, the techniques and tasks applied through a review of the information and interaction with peers will add value to our ongoing learning efforts in the area of strategic analysis.

And the session it is free.

What I ask interested participants to do, after registering is to read the South African Airways vision and mission, customer charter and social responsibility content available in the session resource library before the sessions actually begins. Links are provided. The session will be moderated by yours truly.

You can peruse the session outline on Smoothcube’s learning site here. The outline contains a link to register.  The session is entirely online. 

Please note that this is a non-credit session.

Here is to hoping to see you (virtually) on June 22.

As always, I welcome feedback and comments.  Let’s keep moving the IIBA profession forward.



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