I have been on the receiving and giving end of business analysis education.  I find teaching one of the most rewarding experiences of my career, whether it’s through formal workshops or more informal settings like mentoring and coaching.  I meet and work with so many interesting, smart and eager people in my line of business that it feeds my motivation to continue to provide, and seek, quality BA education.  I get inspired from the people with whom I interact.

While I understand that economics, currency rates and other factors plays a key role in setting prices for courses and events, our strategy is to offer high quality, value-added courses using online technology for prices that we believe are affordable. As a result of this vision, we offer our standard 2-day business analysis courses for no more than $595, and continue to provide the valuable PDUs/CDUs towards professional and ongoing certifications that students seek, all the while providing to them the valuable education that they need, call for and deserve and getting it from experienced business analyst professionals.

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In addition, our focus is on providing the opportunity to learn from case studies developed exclusively to augment theoretical content found in the courses and practical guidance found in the professional bodies of knowledge.  Scanning discussion forums has yielded a call by students for more practical, case study based work as part of the business analysis education.

Students also want interactive, real-time experiences.  This is why we use an online learning management solution and advanced technology to not only reach a wider audience but provide a rich, interpersonal experience throughout the process, all the while opening the door to more students being able to take business analysis courses that are more financially palatable.

For more information about our signature courses, Fundamentals of Strategy Analysis (course #SBAC-005) and Methods, models and concepts for the Business Analyst on Business Intelligence Projects (course #SBAC-BI-BA-001), please visit our learning page.  As an IIBA-endorsed education provider, Smoothcube is authorized to grant 15 PDUs/CDUs towards one of the IIBA professional certifications/re-certifications.

I welcome your feedback below.  I hope to see you in a virtual classroom soon!




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