Did my speech as a 5th grader influence your chance to earn business analysis credits today?

Sean Christopher
Sean Christopher, wishing he’d saved that copy of his 5th grade speech

When I was a little lad in the late 70’s, like 9 or 10, I gave a speech about the central African country of Chad (now called the Republic of Chad) to guests who attended a public speaking content held at my elementary school. I won that competition.  It was my first exposure to speaking in public. While I  lost the ensuing city-wide competition, looking back, I consider those moments, both good and bad, to be when the seeds of teaching were planted  for me.

Later, in high school, my passion for sports and newspapers inspired me to want to become a sports journalist when I went off to college later, starting in 1988.  I loved to write, especially creative writing.  Who knows how many unfinished great Canadian novels I have stashed away somewhere.  While the goal of becoming a journalist was missed, I did obtain my Economics degree.  During that time, I performed well in the subject and later I became a teaching assistant to students in introductory Economics at Carleton. That was a lot of fun.

Through the moments after college, I taught my first real techie class in XML markup language while working as an IT professional in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Then as I settled into my long and formal years as a business analyst upon returning to Canada, I have continued to teach classes and deliver a number of presentations to people.

One pivotal moment that solidified my desire to teach more formally came during BA World 2013 in Ottawa, where I gave a one hour lecture on enterprise analysis.  Since then, I have facilitated workshops and other information exchange sessions, fuelling my desire to impart knowledge to others who may benefit not only from my experience but my acquired collection of stories, insights and exposure to a vast array of challenges in the IT world.

Today, I have continued to harness my passion for teaching and writing into a service that offers professional credit to business analysts who want to achieve certification in their field, aspiring to one of the three levels of certification on offer by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

In the end, with all the twists, turns and opportunities in life, school and on the job (and I have provided only a small sampling here today), I write on a subject about which I am passionate and teach in a field in which I continue to have fun: business analysis.

I like to think that events in the past influence present day opportunities, somehow, some way.  If it wasn’t for that speech on Chad, I am not sure if I would be teaching today, or even in the business analysis field.

For anyone interested in taking IIBA-endorsed courses, please visit our Business Analysis Learning section.

Here is hoping to connect and working together to learn more about business analysis.

I’d love to hear about your journey that brought you to this point in your career and what events in your life influenced or had a significant impact on what you do today.

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