Business analysts can play an influential role in helping organizations turn a vast, scattered array of different information sources into a solution that empowers key business leaders to make better decisions.

In collaboration with the technical team at BookBoon, Smoothcube is pleased to announce the release of its book entitled “Business Intelligence for the Business Analyst: Method, Models and Techniques for Project Success”.

This book contains a wide variety of topics that extends the literature contained in the current business analysis body of knowledge.  Aspiring and seasoned business analysts can gain valuable insights into specific methods for eliciting data requirements, learn detailed logical data models for communicating and planning data repositories and apply industry techniques to be effective at delivering data analytics solutions.

In addition to gathering important tips on methods, models and techniques, business analysts will also learn about a business intelligence framework, how to understand data strategy through an assessment of an enterprise’s capabilities, how to leverage data presentation options, and how to analyze and assess transition requirements to help an organization get to a new level of data analysis.

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“This is a great occasion. Not only is it fantastic to get published by a respected and innovative company like BookBoon but it is also a great opportunity for Smoothcube™ to use content to extend its reach within the business analysis community and advance the business analysis profession by providing content that will help other business analysts advance their knowledge, skills and abilities,” said Sean Christopher, the book’s author.

“In the field of business analysis, there is more and more demand for BA’s to work on projects that involve the transformation of data, business processes and to model requirements from the data perspective.  In the end, the business analyst can help an organization with the vast pools of data found within their database source environment.  Ultimately, it is all about providing data to people who need it at the right time, for the right reasons in order to make better decisions at the right moments.”

In addition to the book, Smoothcube™ provides a 2-day course for business analysts who have a desire to learn more about the methods, models and techniques that can be used on BI projects.

At the conclusion of the course, students receive 15 professional units or continuing development units towards their certification or re-certification to one of the International Institute for Business Analysis’s (IIBA’s) certification levels.

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