“The business analyst plays a key role in the elicitation, documentation, analysis, modelling and presentation of requirements on a BI project.  Acting as ambassadors of change with the goal to help organizations achieve greater success, the business analyst can leverage an assortment of tools and techniques to assess change and ultimately, affect change through the application of tested analytical principles at their disposal.” 

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One of the greatest thrills I had writing this e-book is tapping my experience and being able to share my practical experience with my fellow colleagues in the business analysis profession.

In talking to some of my colleagues, I learned that there is a desire to learn more about data models, data analysis and how to apply key concepts to designing effective data solutions; but to do so in an interactive environment.  Business analysts yearn to learn all of these skills and add them to their professional repertoire.  Smoothcube™ offers the interactive environment.

In addition to the book, Smoothcube™ offers a 2-day course on the subject.  Using collaborative games, specifically Affinity Diagrams, Smoothcube uses a highly interactive approach to sharing knowledge on how to build an effective data model using a case study.  The basis of the course is this book.

For more information on the course, please see our learning page.  You can visit the book page using the link to the right.

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