I often don’t write personal messages on the Smoothcube™ blog.

But this is an important exception.

My wife Donna and I were at the Rideau Hall Masquerade concert for mental health advocacy and awareness this past Saturday night, September 9.  It was an inspiring evening, filled with great music, great musicians, and powerful messages from not only advocates of mental health but also from those who have suffered through this illness and have used music as their inspiration to help cope or to channel their emotions.  Congratulations to His Excellency, Governor General David Johnston and Her Excellency Sharon Johnston for having all of us onto the grounds of Rideau Hall, and for being leaders where leadership is needed.

Once of the strongest comments I heard was that, because of stigma, 2/3 of those who suffer from mental health issues or illness never seek help.  Does this mean that the other 1/3 get the help that they need?  I hope so.  But what do we do with the stigma, and get help for the other two-thirds?

I have made it an imperative at Smoothcube™ that mental health be made a priority.  Not only will Smoothcube™ help raise awareness about mental health within, and outside, its walls, but it will also provide assistance to organizations that have taken leadership roles in helping others, like Jack.org, the only national network of young leaders transforming the way we think about mental health.

Me can all make a difference!  It takes a collective mindset to get it done.

You can help out by making a small donation today.  Please visit https://jack.akaraisin.com/community/b67a3a86fa2547e3820aa170fbdeb5b3 to make your contribution!  Crush the Stigma!


Sean, the guy that founded Smoothcube™!

Sean Christopher
Sean Christopher, CEO of Smoothcube™ Business Analytics

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