Joining the Podcast community

People are highly mobile these days.  They often do not have time to pull out a book or access web sites on a phone (in some cases).  This is why we have extended out content reach to include the podcast community, so interested parties can listen on the go.


But our podcasts, dubbed “The Minister of Analysis Channel: The Voice of Business Analysts” will be a little different.  While the podcasts will have a business analysis bent, our podcaster, SeanyD (Twitter: @podcasterSeanyD) will use cases from the business domain and talk about them using analysis techniques taking from the BA knowledge area, in a relaxed, objective format.

Podcaster BA Seany D


This will be fun.  Our next podcast will air Sunday nights at 8 p.m.  We plan to post weekly podcasts.

Our podcast site is and we hope you make it out to listen, provide comments and share the knowledge, which is one of our motivational drivers.




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