16 potential costs to consider to make case for attending an industry conference

Podcaster SeanyD talks about the 16 different costs related to attending an industry conference, and how these costs should be factored in to developing a business case to support a training request, request to attend or other reason.


  1. Did you wonder about how your boss assesses the real costs of attending an event?
  2. Did you remember to factor in the currency conversion rate?
  3. What on earth is a buffer cost?
  4. What about the service industry cost outside the main event?
  5. Why would I ever consider tourism, museum and gift costs?

You can listen to the podcast here from podcaster SeanyD.


We’d love to hear your feedback about your experiences with industry conferences.

  1. How do you justify spending the money to attend the event?
  2. What are the factors you consider when making a decision about attending an event?
  3. Is there any costs that we missed that you would like to share with us?

Our research has used the following sites:

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