20180517_eveningxcf.pngSmoothcube is proud to present “Business Transformation and the new age of the Business Analyst”.

For enterprises all around the world, performing from 2018 and beyond will most likely involve some level of business modernization, from renewing information technology architecture to streamlining business processes with the ultimate goal of aligning people skills, technology, processes and information with strategic corporate business goals.

Business modernization is a tough challenge at best.  It consists of a cultural shift, challenges to the status quo, efforts to innovate in order to stand out from competitors, and a general motto that “things cannot remain the same if we are to be the best that we know we can be, stay relevant or remain ahead of our competitors.”

Organizations, both small, medium and large can leverage the knowledge, skills and capabilities of the business analysis profession in order to undertake an objective, change-based approach to achieving higher business goals and objectives that can put their operations and overall business functions on a newer, higher performing plain.

“Business Transformation and the new age Business Analyst” will offer insights into how the business analysis community can help your organization navigate its way through the peaks and troughs of business modernization regardless of the size of your organization.  You may work for a large federal government department seeking to modernize services for its constituents, a medium sized organization wanting to move into a new product market or a small startup that needs guidance into how to formulate strategy.

The speaker, Sean D. Christopher (MBA), also known as podcaster Seany D, has been a business analyst for 14 years with a Canadian crown Corporation.  Holding the status of Senior Business Analyst and Certified Specialist in SQL Server Business Intelligence, Sean has been the lead on many business modernization and transformation projects within the public and private sector, using his deep knowledge of business analysis methods, models and techniques to help business achieve new goals.  Ottawa is his home, and he can be found from time to time kayaking on the rivers and lakes of Ottawa, a city he calls “the world’s classiest city”, with natural beauty so close to a beautiful city scape.

Oh yes, and Sean is also the President and CEO of our sponsor, Smoothcube Business Analytics Corporation.

In addition to insights, there will be a draw for a prize to a lucky winner that includes both a 1-year subscription to an IIBA chapter event and access to one of Smoothcube’s business analysis courses for free.

Join Sean and many others for an evening of insight and fun. There will be a light snack offered at the event, including wine bar.

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What will I learn at this event?
You will learn about business analysis, its nature and the deep knowledge base from which business analysts tap in order to achieve optimal results for business change.

What can I take away from this event and use directly at work?
You will take away many things including how strategy analysis techniques can be applied right away, how to perform better root cause analysis, how to design your requirements questions to the type of roles that exist at work, and when to use specific techniques in specific situations.  Above all, you will take away techniques about how to remain objective and keep the focus on what is important while the organization navigates the channels of a transformation.

For whom is this event targeted?
This event is designed for provide information for project managers, business analysts, business process owners, senior management, leadership teams, operational staff and anyone who is key to helping an organization transform their business to achieve a newer, higher plain of operations. Basically, everyone and anyone.

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