We understand that kicking the tires and test driving a car is fundamental to making a decision about a purchase.

We feel the same way about our courses, which is why we are offering this 17 minute sampling of our course on Fundamentals of Strategy Analysis to you.

We hope to see you in one of our classes soon. More on our course offering can be found on the business analysis learning page.

There are 2 methods to listen, direct playback and download.

Direct Playback




Note: Smoothcube™ uses Electa as its learning management system (LMS).  All guests will be prompted to start their Electa Live session, which may require a plugin from Electa in order for the recorded session to run.

More information about the LMS and Electa can be found by visiting the fine folks at http://support.e-lecta.com.

As a bonus for listening, we also offer a discount to our event being held in May, 2018 in Ottawa on business transformation and the new age of the business analyst as part of #Transform2018.  The code is Transform2018.  More can be found on our page dedicated to the event.

Enjoy.  And thanks for kicking the virtual tires.


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