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High value, low-cost, credit-based, self-paced, real-time teacher support for Strategy Analysis online

The online world is a great medium for delivering value-added courses.

For students of business analysis who have indicated that they prefer a self-paced option, we have listened.  Our course on Fundamental of Strategy Analysis is now available via that exact method.

The course focusses on the business analysis knowledge, techniques and methods you will need to help an organization move from its current state to its future state, understanding where the value is generated within and without the organization, assess risks and develop change strategies using a fact-filled case study as the basis for your analysis and learning.  Ultimately you will create change strategies that help business leaders make decisions about which path to take in order to meet the goals and objectives of their enterprise. It’s all about the outcomes.

Benefits of taking the course include:

  • You will get the same quality learning as if you were in class or using the online, real-time version.  Did you know that a particularly fun technique used by our teachers is that of the “5-why”?
  • Real-time teacher support will always be available to answers your questions and comments as you progress through the course. Did you know that one of our leading teachers has 14 years of experience as a business analyst?
  • Upon completion of the course you will receive 15 professional / continuing education credits (PDU/CDUs) towards your International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) certification or re-certification.  Did you know that Smoothcube™ is an IIBA-endorsed education provider?
  • Low cost of $139 for the course.  Did you know that Smoothcube™ dislikes high cost courses?

Self-paced, low-cost, high-quality learning with credit recognition towards your certification is the value proposition we strive for, and you have come to expect, with courses of this nature.

For more information, please visit the course details or contact us using our online form.

See you in class.  We can’t wait to (virtually) see you there!



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