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SmoothRaaCS™ – Striving to provide a better requirements management experience!

We are pleased to announce the beta release of our requirements software application called SmoothRaaCS™ or Smooth Requirements as a Collaboration Service, an initiative by SmoothCube Business Analytics to provide a better requirements management experience to all business analysts.

The site is available at

We encourage all business analysts looking to participate in beta release testing to stop by, register for free and test run our application. We appreciate it.  Your feedback will help us shape today’s software offering and shape its future offerings, features and functions.  And you will be participating in a live software test where you can develop and sharpen your skills as a business analysts while we help you as the technical solution providers using real-world test scenarios.  You challenge us.  We challenge you.  Positive.  Growth.  Win-Win.

To help get you started, here is a link to the full documentation about the software itself.  We have strived to adhere to international standards related to software documentation.

Below is a summary of what SmoothRaaCS™ is designed to provide you, the key analyst on a software solution requirements project.


The application is built for business analysts primarily, but can be used by anyone involved in requirements management, regardless of the nature of the project.

The application is structured in terms of projects. Projects have requirements. Requirements have a number of data attributes associated with them.

Change requests are available if there is a need to make changes to a requirement after is has been baselined and approved. Our change request management section of the application provides extensive metrics and insights into determining the impact of change on other requirements.

The application is also built on the notion that content changes need to be tracked. Business analysts need the ability to check the content of an historical requirement and provide evidence of what has been changed over the course of time. All data attributes of a requirement are available as part of an auditing function built into SmoothRaaCS™ too.

Each requirement is also designed and built to provide insights into dependent requirements themselves, providing an overview of the relationships between requirements on a project, an important aspect not lost on our development team, who are business anlaysts themselves.  Win-win.

Requirements can be linked to test cases, goals and other requirements. During the analysis of a requirement, members of a project can collaborate within the application.

SmoothRaaCS™ also comes with a graphical interface to give the business analyst an ability to visually move requirement blocks around a grid to help them better understand gaps in requirements dependencies, conduct impact assessments and make better decisions about releasing requirements into a technical solution pool before anyone touches a keyboard to code a solution.

Projects have an overall stability index to gauge frequency of changes to requirements within a project.  The lower the stability index, the better the change management.  We provide those insights.

Reports are available to give insights into requirements and project metrics.

And there is much more, as you will discover while beta testing our software application.

Remember, testing is free.  Your information is kept confidential and will be purged after beta testing is complete.

Thanks so much for helping us out.  We appreciate it.  Again, the beta site is available at  You can also follow us on Twitter at @smoothcube and use the hash tag #basoftware to follow the social conversation.

It’s great to be a BA in today’s dynamic business world.

The Smoothcube™ development team.



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