Below are the latest adjustments made to the SmoothRaaCS™ software application to support the beta release.  We are providing the change log here as part of our openness and transparency values.

If you have a change that you would like to see made to the beta application, please send hour notes to


Enhancement Date Entered


B-001 Email support needs to be configured 2018-04-19 Completed and pushed 2018-04-26
B-002 Make sure to update documentation to show Elastic version 1.7.6 to support the faceted approach to the search engine used on the site 2018-04-19 Completed and pushed 2018-04-26
B-003 Need to translate the Devise Mailer Confirmation, Password Reset & Unlock Instructions to support French and Spanish. 2018-04-19 Completed and pushed 2018-04-26
B-004 A user should not be able to edit a requirement not created by him or her.  They can’t via the index of requirements, but they can via the show of a requirement. 2018-04-19 Complete and pushed 2018-04-26
B-005 Make the email fields equal length on the sign-up, password reset and sign-in forms. 2018-04-25 Completed and pushed 2018-04-25

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