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Smoothcube wants to hear from you about Barrhaven’s LRT environmental assessment study.

The City of Ottawa announced recently that the LRT study will take place to understand the options for bringing light rail transit to the growing Barrhaven community. The completion date for the study is expected to be 2020.

Business leaders expect light rail to bring efficiencies to Barrhaven, including the potential for new jobs, better transit solutions to modern day transportation problems, and bring efficiency to how people are moved around the city.

The LRT study must be completed  and contain enough detail before a business case can be made for funding by our business and community leaders. Without the study, the case will become weak.

Residents can assert the position on whether the study will be completed by the proposed 2020 date by taking a second to fill out our quick poll.

The poll lasts under October 31, 2018.

Will the Barrhaven LRT environmental assessment study be completed by 2020?
Barrhaven Environment Assessment Study Quick Poll
Quick Poll

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