Smoothcube™ Business Analytics is focused on the business relationship between stakeholders and solution providers through the application of business analysis methods, models and concepts using requirements management techniques in order for businesses to obtain value in the software solutions they depend on to run their business.  From all of these steps, we build requirements management software for the business analysis community, called SmoothRaaCS™.

Our CEO leads the analytical thought process at Smoothcube being a Certified Specialist – Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence.  SmoothRaaCS™ is built upon the foundation that business analysts need more than a simple repository to manage their project requirements.

Business analysts need insight into the readiness of requirements before they are released.  We add value in this area with our BVI index.

Business analysts need a change management function that allows them to view historical requirements in order to trace and audit edits made to requirements and their supporting data. We add value in this area with our extensive change management function.

Business analysts need insight into requirement dependencies, relationships to other requirements and how they map to objectives.  We add value in this area with our extensive requirement management feature and data-rich support mechanism.

And why not invite others to participate on requirements management projects?  You can do that too, and more.

Smoothcube™ is located in the expanding metropolis of Ottawa with the Ottawa International Airport and VIA Rail FallowField station as two key transportation hubs nearby to get you into the nation’s capital. We create and work in an environment as bustling, energetic, accessible and inspiring as our nation’s capital. Our training facility is located in downtown Ottawa at a prime location, accessible to culture, entertainment and tourist attractions.

Enquire how we can help provide value to you or your business team at  Or you can use our contact form if you like.

All of your information is kept confidential.

Thanks.  Sean.


Sean D. Christopher, B.A., MBA
Member, International Institute of Business Analysis
Certified Specialist, SQL Server Business Intelligence
President and CEO, Smoothcube™ Business Analytics Corporation




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