Did my speech as a 5th grader influence your chance to earn business analysis credits today?

When I was a little lad in the late 70’s, like 9 or 10, I gave a speech about the central African country of Chad (now called the Republic of Chad) to guests who attended a public speaking content held at my elementary school. I won that competition.  It was my first exposure to speaking… Read More

Earn IIBA credit with interactive “Fundamentals of Strategy Analysis” course

Strategy analysis is often the starting point for business analysts on many projects.  Even more, it is often undertaken throughout the life-cycle of a solution so that a business can continue to assess the value-generating components of the solution to ensure that it remains consistent with a company’s strategic direction, goals and objectives. There are… Read More

Smoothcube signs sponsorship agreement with Ottawa-Outaouais IIBA chapter

For immediate release July 24, 2017 Ottawa, Ontario Sean Christopher, President and CEO, is pleased to announce that Smoothcube Business Analytics Corporation (“Smoothcube”) has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Ottawa-Outaouais chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®). “This is a good day for both our organization and the IIBA Ottawa-Outaouais Chapter.  This… Read More

I ask for affordability from course providers, so why not offer that to our potential students?

  I have been on the receiving and giving end of business analysis education.  I find teaching one of the most rewarding experiences of my career, whether it’s through formal workshops or more informal settings like mentoring and coaching.  I meet and work with so many interesting, smart and eager people in my line of… Read More

Positioning the business analyst for success on strategy analysis activities

Strategy Analysis plays a key function in business analysis activities.  Without an assessment of where an organization wants to go in terms of its business, through goals and objectives and what steps are needed in order to help an organization achieve them, little can be done to assess the value proposition of solutions that will… Read More

Helping business make better decisions with their data: the BA and the BI Perspective

Leveraging techniques and knowledge areas on business intelligence projects; earn IIBA PDUs/CDUs towards certification The business analyst plays a key role in activities that elicit, document, analyze and model requirements as stated by business stakeholders into terms that IT solution providers can understand.  The same goes the other way.  A business analyst takes the statements of… Read More