Essential tips for Business Analysts on Business Intelligence Projects

Business analysts can play an influential role in helping organizations turn a vast, scattered array of different information sources into a solution that empowers key business leaders to make better decisions. Read More

Did my speech as a 5th grader influence your chance to earn business analysis credits today?

When I was a little lad in the late 70’s, like 9 or 10, I gave a speech about the central African country of Chad (now called the Republic of Chad) to guests who attended a public speaking content held at my elementary school. I won that competition.  It was my first exposure to speaking… Read More

Earn IIBA credit with interactive “Fundamentals of Strategy Analysis” course

Strategy analysis is often the starting point for business analysts on many projects.  Even more, it is often undertaken throughout the life-cycle of a solution so that a business can continue to assess the value-generating components of the solution to ensure that it remains consistent with a company’s strategic direction, goals and objectives. There are… Read More