Industry reports often identify several reasons why projects fail and these reasons won’t be hashed out here. Why have projects continued to fail at an alarming rate each and every year?

While the release of another requirements management tool on the surface seems like just another aide in the belt of a business analyst, experience has shown that what a tool does to identify the relationships between and dependencies amongst requirements that makes for a more informed impact assessment result.  At the same time, a business analyst can continue to manage requirements too, in one location.

Our philosophy here at Smoothcube™ is that project management is not business requirements management and vice versa.  The two are totally separate realms within a project and perform activities at different levels.

What business analyst’s need, according to our sample research is a tool that will help them manage their requirements, understand the relationship of one requirement to many others, whether their requirement package is stable enough to initiate a release into a solution and to provide a matrix for assessing the readiness of requirements as a source for beginning development on a solution.

SPROUT is about providing a tool to allow business analysts, stakeholders and executive sponsors to collaborate on a project based on the requirements, not specifically the project itself.

Smoothcube™ developers are in the process of bringing SPROUT to market in summer of 2017, an innovative application that will facilitate the way business requirements are captured, related, assessed and prioritized for any modest project.  SPROUT has the following high level features:

  • User profile management
  • Group management
  • Managing Requirements Projects
  • Business Matrix (BM)
  • Requirements
    • Requirements Index
    • Requirements View
    • Full Requirements Record History
  • Requirement Change Requests
  • Requirement Hours
  • Requirement Collaboration
  • Requirement Change History
  • Requirement Relationships
  • Requirements Stability Index (RSI)
  • Traceability Matrix (TRAM)
  • Editorial Change Insight (ECI)
  • Test Case Association
  • Link to corporate goals and objectives
  • Security
  • Administration Functions
  • Search

More details to come.

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